Best diving on Phi Phi


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The best diving on Phi Phi is a subjective idea as what works for one person doesn’t always work for the next. I have written an article starting below that goes through the best points of diving on Phi Phi and lets you choose which ideas best suite your style.

From a smiling and an easy-going dive buddy to the best weather, from the minutiae like a sea-horse or nudibranch to the ever so impressive Whale shark this article runs through what you might expect.

Phi Phi has a wreck dive, a shark point dives, deep dives, cave dives and over 20 km of reef.

Diving on Phi Phi is one of the best places to dive in Thailand as the dive village is compact, the specialized dive pier is efficient and most importantly , the diving starts just 5 minutes from that pier.

There are places in Thailand that have better diving like the Similans but these are very remote and require liveaboards or long speedboat trips so for excellent and convenient diving I would say that Phi phi Island is the best.

It article starts; ‘The best diving on Phi Phi is on a day with strong sun, excellent visibility, good friends, good companions on the dive trip, a good dive boat and the luck to see something you haven’t seen before. On top of that you can choose from one of Phi Phi Island’s best dive sites and you can experience a top class adventure.’ To read the rest, click Best diving on Phi Phi


Koh Phi Phi sharks


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Koh Phi Phi sharks whale sharks

Koh Phi Phi sharks whale sharks

Koh Phi Phi sharks are at the top of the food chain… or are they? Certainly the black tip reef shark is a traditional predator eating mullet and squid. But what about the Whale shark eating plankton and the Leopard eating crustacians and what not. I’m not any kind of biologist but plankton and crabs dont sound like the massive killer predator that so many fear.

Koh Phi Phi sharks are harmless but are an impressive sight. The Black tip reef shark skims over the shallows darting this way and that in search of his morning meal. The whale shark glides majestically through the oceans deep, their size dwarfing any diver encounter. Finally the  leopard shark sits on the sandy bottom defying all other marine life with it’s powerful body and size.

There are many shark experiences and adventures to be had on Phi Phi and the article outlines where to go and when. Check it out…..

Koh Phi Phi sharks are a big draw to anyone interested in diving, snorkeling or swimming the sea or coral reefs. They are also the stuff of fear and phobias so the whale shark, leopard shark and black tip reef shark stir the imagination of many who come to the islands. To read more and like go to  Koh Phi Phi sharks

Koh Phi Phi sharks black tip reef shark

Koh Phi Phi sharks black tip reef shark darting through the shallows

The latest review of Koh Phi Phi Krabi



Koh Phi Phi and Tonsai bay

Koh Phi Phi Krabi and Tonsai bay

This Koh Phi Phi Krabi review and article goes into some depth about Koh Phi Phi diving, nightlife and accommodation. It has further links to more information on the website and the article bank about one of Thailands favourite destinations.

Many visitors come to Koh Phi Phi every year. Some come from Phuket or Krabi on a day trip but many stay for a few days. It is such a beautiful island it get a hold of many people and becomes a place they must return to time and again.

The website is the resource centre for Koh Phi Phi with articles, maps and photobanks that quickly and or thoroughly give you an idea of the islands. The review below goes some way into defining why it is loved so much.

Koh Phi Phi Krabi remains in visitors thoughts long after they leave. The Islands of Koh Phi Phi Don, Koh Phi Phi Ley, Bamboo Island National Park , Mosquito Island and the diving outcrops of Bida Nai and Bida Nok inspire memories of cliffs, coral, jungle, beach and a lot more.  For the rest of the article please go to Koh Phi Phi Krabi.

Phi Phi Island cheap accommodation


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This is a room at Ivory Phi Phi

At this time of year many travellers, backpackers and students come to Phi Phi Island. This group of people is looking for inexpensive guesthouse and bungalows.

Also many people are in search of cheap accommodation on Phi Phi knowing that in low season the prices can be 40% cheaper than in the high and peak season.

The article that starts below covers these too topics and gives specific examples of places to stay and also comments on what happening on the island for diving, tours and nightlife.

It starts; Phi Phi Island cheap accommodation is a key search term in the season when travellers on a budget and students arrive in Thailand looking for a glimpse of ‘The Beach’, tremendous scenery and a cool place to stay. Phi Phi Island is a travellers mecca with most people just needing 3-5 days accommodation to experience paradise.

For the rest of the article click here; Phi Phi Island cheap accommodation

Zeavola Phi Phi Resort Special low season deal


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The only 5 star resort on the island, the Zeavola Phi Phi Resort has an exciting new offer for this low season where you get a wapping 15% off normal low season rates. This is on top of the reduced rates that you get for visiting May till Sept 30th. This is a great price which gives you a SAVE THB 4,080 for the Garden Suite only 01 May 2012 ~ 30 Sep 2012.

The great deal can be found at this Zeavola Phi Phi resort deals page.

The resort is in the far north of Phi Phi Don Island on Laem Tong Beach far from the noise and cluttered main village by the pier. The beauty spots on hand are Bamboo Island just 2km over the water and in front of the resort and the forbiding Moskito Island that paints a picture of the prehistoric and conjours images of Jurrasic Park.

The iconic Maya Bay, “The Beach” is on Phi Phi Ley and this is the location for the famous movie starring Leonardo Di Caprio.

Zeavola Phi Phi Resort is a true get away paradise. Image

Getting from Samui to Phi Phi island


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Samui to Phi Phi

Many people enjoy an island hopping experience and take in both Samui island and Phi Phi island. The article below describes how to do this by going over land and by air . It also explains how to get to the luxury resort on Phi Phi which are in the north of the island.

“If you need to get from Samui to Phi Phi you are moving from the top island destination on the east coast to one of Thailand’s most iconic islands on the west. To do this you must cross the Gulf of Siam, the thin strip of mainland and take a final ferry journey to Phi Phi Island.” For the rest of this article click Getting from Samui to Phi Phi island

Koh Phi Phi weather in August


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The weather on Phi Phi Island is complicated in Low season and for those want to visit during the month of August I have written an article  to give you the low down on who the weather patters all fit together and how it affects Phi Phi Island. It also explains whats going on in terms of accommodation, tours and the bar scene… Here’s the first part. Phi Phi Don from the northern edge of Bamboo island

Koh Phi Phi weather in August starts with the best low season conditions but by the 20th-25th starts to be influenced by the September monsoon. August starts hot and relatively dry with many sunny days and light winds. Towards the end of the month the humidity builds, increasing cloud cover and wind and increasing the chance of rain showers. To read the rest of this article go to Koh Phi Phi weather in August

For more information on weather on Phi Phi click; Phi Phi weather

Phi Phi tour packages


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There are many Tour packages as Phi Phi is such a wonderful space to visit, tour and stay. It such a honey pot of pretty beach locations and a lovely sea temperatures of 29 degrees that it is no surprise that people want to come and have a look.

Phi Phi Island tour Package

Phi Phi Island tour Package

Tours on the island.

The key article about Phi Phi tour packages starts below;

Phi Phi tour packages give you the door to door experience. The standard tour packages include all you might need on a tour like equipment, training, your food and water. Phuket Phi Phi tour packages also include your transfer from your hotel out to Phi Phi and back.” To continue reading this article click Phi Phi tour packages.

Phi Phi Hotels

If you are interested in staying on Phi Phi Island , two great links might be of use.

Phi Phi Hotels takes you to all the island’s resorts, hotels, bungalows, guesthouses dormitories and even has a section on Camping on Maya Bay.

The other key link  is the Phi Phi Hotel deals page. This takes you to any Free Night Specials, Fixed Night Promotions, Special Discounts, Early Bird Offers Honeymoon offers on the island of Phi Phi Don.